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Korean Institute of Criminology / KIC

Korean Institute of Criminology / KIC

  • Tel82-2-3460-5180
  • PresidentZin-Hwan Kim
  • Established1989. 3. 16.
  • Address114, Taebong-no, Seocho-gu, Seoul, P.O.Box 06764, Korea
Founding purpose
  • The Korean Institute of Criminology (KIC) is the only national crime and criminal justice research agency in Korea. KIC plays an important role in conducting up to date proactive research on criminal laws, recent criminal trends, criminology, and disseminating information to provide specialized knowledge for policymaking by the Korean government.
Main functions
  • Examine criminal trends, causes and countermeasures
  • Analyze criminal law and policy
  • Conduct joint studies on criminal justice policies with other Korean and foreign research institutes
  • Conduct research projects requested by the government as well as private organizations
  • Educate the public about criminal issues
  • Conduct research on crime, criminal law and criminal policy in North Korea in preparation for unification
  • Promote international exchange and cooperation for crime prevention