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The Korea Transport Institute / KOTI


The Korea Transport Institute / KOTI

The Korea Transport Institute

  • Tel82-44-211-3114
  • PresidentChang Hun Lee
  • Established1987. 8. 25.
  • AddressBuilding B, Sejong National Research Complex, 370, Sicheong-daero, Sejong-si, P.O.Box 30147, Korea
Founding purpose
  • To advance the field of transport both in Korea and the world by researching and developing transport policy and technology and by collecting, researching, and analyzing local and international information relevant to transport policy
Main functions
  • Developing major national transport policies and suggesting infrastructure investment priorities
  • Studying current transport issues
  • Planning national policy for developing intelligent transport systems, developing application technology for a geographic information system for transportation and global positioning system (GIS-T/GPS), and establishing a comprehensive transport database
  • Researching transport survey projects, transport safety policies, transport planning, transport economics, and transport-related environmental policy
  • Researching the systematic operation and management of roads, railways, urban transit, logistics, and aviation infrastructure, as well as demand on those facilities
  • Researching and planning transport and logistics coordination in Northeast Asia